We are delighted to announce that Allie is now online. The Enrichment Center promises to always provide a safe testing environment.




Welcome to Allie Holding, are you ready for transformation?

Allie is a business experience that embraces an organic industrial approach that will transform businesses in the native and global market. How? well, Allie consists of a team of dedicated, passionate, and enthusiastic architects that are accustomed to transforming businesses into a more efficient business. These factors are the secret recipes of our organization and we invite you to stay tuned with our latest updates.



That's right, we do have featured services, the facility is completely operational again.


Our strategy lab is designed to support and produce ideas that are beyond our conventional business approaches. These ideas are composed by a team of highly dedicated, genius minds that work collectively as a part of a team of 5 (of which we call them the architects). This team operates in an environment that is not restricted to the common business criteria and therefore they work collectively to produce successful business factors.